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The de-conditioning of propaganda towards hemp (and medical marijuana) begins with you. There are over 25,000 uses of hemp according to expert witnesses in the industrial hemp industry. Why would you ignore that?
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Indigenous Hemp proposes to do all or most of the (1) Administrative Work, (2) bring a *Network of Hemp Leaders to the campaign, (3) bring the *Current License to plant, harvest, and distribute Hemp, (4) bring access to the required *Seed (for up to 3,000 acres), and (5) bring the *Buyers of the hemp products" to the table. Buyers include consumers, wholesalers, and manufacturers.

YOU bring the (1) Land, (2) access to a Workforce, (3) access to Farming equipment (or leasing) (4) building storage, and if required, one-time (5) Capital for the cost of production (COP). If you finance the COP, you get it back upon sale or delivery of product and we split the gross profit 40/60. Indigenous Hemp always gets the lower percentage because you have TITLE to the land.


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Preparing  Industrial "HEMP" for the 25,000 plus use-value


An Antidote for Climate Change!  Hemp is truly one of the oldest (ancient) functional plants in the world. Conventional and organic hemp with its seed, oil, bast fibres, and hurd are the most invaluable resource (gift) for Humanity.

Indigenous Hemp, along with HempE offer the Intertribal STORE. Products you can start using TODAY!.

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We Exist to Facilitate Peace, Health, and Plenty  With HEMP


By 2026, the employment rate is higher all across North America with 250,000 people working, contributing and benefiting from the cultivation and usage of 3 million acres of Industrial Hemp.

The HEMP industry is highly regulated by various federal laws and Health Canada administers the licenses for all aspect of the HEMP commerce value chain.  Applications are accepted once a year.

Social Business is about the prosperity of the TRIBE (many). Everyone involved in the Social Business benefits more than they imagine under this economic system (concept) . The 60/40. The true practice of economic consideration.


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