The Chinese writing translates to the word "MA", which means HEMP.  Indigenous Hemp acknowledges the origin of hemp, although there may be disputes on this claim, nevertheless Indigenous Hemp respectfully recognizes the symbol and integrates INDIGENOUS into it.  The image or logo appears in the four colors associated with ancient teachings of the North American equations wheel.  The equations wheel has the four colors of mankind and the subsequent teachings in each quadrant of the equations wheel.

"Self - sufficiency is an archaic concept in this day in age, instead WE must strive for balanced economic sustainability, without hurting "Creators Earth"


INDIGENOUS HEMP helps (Industrial) Hemp entrepreneurs grow their hemp business using an Indigenous Equations System.

What else do we offer?

1. Ally Development
2. Hiring and Recruiting Seminars
3. Peer Performance Evaluations 

4. Position Agreements


Indigenous Hemp Organizational Structure


Position Contracts

Chief Executive Director

To achieve the company’s strategic objective

Director, New Business Ventures

To assist in achieving the company’s strategic objective by providing Directors with information and recommendation related to new business opportunities and building relationships with companies all along the value chain.

Director, Special Projects

To assist in achieving the company’s strategic objective by providing Directors with information and recommendations related to special projects so that clients all along the value chain expectations and the company’s financial objectives are met or exceeded.

Director, Farm Production and Sales

To assist in achieving the company’s strategic objective by acquiring and retaining long-term, quality farmers through the development and implementation of production, materials control, and quality control systems in accordance with contractual obligations, so that farmer’s expectations and the company’s financial standards are met or exceeded.

Director, Farm Lands and Buildings

To assist in achieving the company’s strategic objective by acquiring and retaining long-term, quality farmers through the development of lands and buildings, and quality control systems in accordance with contractual obligations, so that farmer’s expectations and the company’s financial standards are met or exceeded.

Director, Internal Operations

To assist in achieving the company’s strategic objective by providing Directors and staff support for the acquisition and retention of clients (businesses and consumers) through the planning, evaluation, monitoring and improving the financial, information technology, human resources, and administrative systems, in a way that promotes an effective, smooth-running organization.

Director, Marketing Development

To assist in achieving the company’s strategic objective by supporting the acquisition and retention of long-term, quality ally clients (businesses and consumers) for the company through the development and implementation of marketing, lead generation and lead conversion systems.

Director, Hemp Education and Learning

To assist in achieving the company’s strategic objective by developing consumers for hemp farmers, manufacturers and distributors by providing educational and learning products, services, and information that they perceive as emotionally and functionally satisfying.

Strategic Vision

By 2027, Indigenous Hemp has secured a global wide presence working with dynamic hemp entrepreneurs to flourish with their hemp business using an Indigenous Neuro-marketing System.  Indigenous Hemp exceeds $45.0 million dollars in sales with a net profit margin of 25%.  Indigenous Hemp is a well-recognized brand within the dynamic (industrial) hemp and (medical marijuana) markets, worldwide. Indigenous Hemp, operating as a world – class social business organization, and attracts the best minded people within the industry and abroad.  Indigenous Hemp continues to advance the concept of social business in other related industries and remains an astute champion of the social business model in all aspects of the cannabaceau family throughout the globe.

Indigenous Hemp employs 60 people directly and influenced, directly and indirectly, employment for another 700,000 people in the Hemp and Medical Marijuana industry.  There are four offices located at strategic locations throughout North America with the office structures made from industrial hemp materials. Dynamic hemp is demonstrated in all possible aspects including paper, clothing, furniture, decor and building.

Indigenous Hemp applies Indigenous culture and values in everything it does.  All employees are informed upfront of the values and beliefs and can choose the indoctrination to make the values a part of their everyday life, inside and outside of the company.  However, nothing is ever imposed on anyone who already believes another way and if they happen to find themselves in the Indigenous Hemp organization, they determine their preferred events related to the practice of culture within the organization.  All people are treated with the utmost veneration regardless of their religion or spirituality; however, are grounded in the mission, vision, and values of the company.

Indigenous Hemp concentrates on growing economic sustainability with hemp, therefore every organizational tenet is guided by this duty.  All interactions and engagements are guided by this intention to build economic sustainability with hemp for the ultimate purpose of feeding and protecting Humanity.

The increased mindshare and habit-forming consumption of dynamic hemp is the ultimate aim and occurs one farm or farmer at a time, one investor at a time, one funder at a time, and one buyer at a time.  One ally at a time.

Employment occurs on any aspect of the value chain including farming, processing, and sales.  IH ally's feel a sense of self – reliance to be able to live the life they have envisioned for themselves and their family.  Dependency and the scarcity mindset are a distant memory, however never forgotten as a teaching tool and learning experience.

Consumers feel compelled to learn about the history, development and multipurpose uses of hemp in their everyday life.  It becomes a normal purchase pattern for the multitudes of people from every race on earth (Equations Wheel).  The masses are increasing the demand for hemp-related products influencing the legal and lawful legislation related to hemp and medical cannabis.

Indigenous Hemp – Company Story

According to literature, Hemp, with its 12,000 years or so history with the vertebrate species, has had its own impact as a useful plant, to being held hostage and contained for many years, and is now re-emerging as an antidote to the adverse destruction of the earth.  Hemp can save CREATOR'S EARTH.  Hemp is the medicine our planet needs NOW rather than later!  Hemp is a powerful plant with over 25,000 plus uses.  The multipurpose nature of hemp makes it an ideal alternative to help heal Creator's earth, the people and all living entities on earth.  Without earth, all vertebrate species and all other relatives cease to exist!  Upright two - leggeds are fourth on the creation cycle.

Poverty has almost destroyed Indigenous peoples.  Likewise, dynamic hemp has also been almost completely destroyed by governments, industry, and economic pundits.  There is a definite correlation between Indigenous peoples and dynamic hemp in terms of how they have been treated.  I have come to learn about the king of seeds.  Respect is properly given to the pioneers in the hemp industry, beginning from humankind appearing.  Indigenous peoples know about the ally relationship with the plant.  It has so many uses.  This is a solution to the persistent poverty that has plagued Indigenous peoples.

Look around in almost every Indigenous community in North America and you’ll find poverty of some sort in various degrees.  How many have lived on  a reserve?  Some Indigenous communities are more visibly poverty-stricken than others.  Especially the ones in the north.  The main cause, aside from the legislation, for the abject poverty is because the general society occupies 99.8% of the land mass, and all Indigenous communities in Canada occupy just 0.2% of the land mass.  Nevertheless, the unevenness of economic activity is so prevalent throughout the Indigenous world that Indigenous people have to come to believe nothing can or will change.  We don't believe that for one second!  Change on the economic situation is going to happen if done in a good way and by the will of the great spirit.

When the ancestors were signing agreements (treaties), spirituality was very much an integral aspect of the event.  Pipe, songs, ceremonies and gift giving were all a part of the signing.  Significant importance was placed on the items elders and holy people carried to these signing events.  History has proven that Indigenous peoples have never strayed away from their signing of the agreement of those earlier and modern day treaties. However, the colonizers have clearly deviated from their intentions right from the very beginning.  Despite this truth, things are changing and they are changing fast.

Hemp is what the company is going to use a tool to achieve economic sustainability.  This result will be achieved by creating a Hemp economy that focuses on entrepreneurship and helping the CREATORS EARTH heal.  We plant the medicine for her.  The hemp economy in the farming, manufacturing, distribution and consumer value chain will establish meaningful employment.  Employment that leads to better quality of life.  Better choice in life.  Better communities.  Better world. Humanity regains the balance!

A better world equates to correcting the Humanity Wheel Balance.  The Humanity Wheel balance is the ultimate goal.  How it looks will be as distinct for each (Tribe) Nation all across North America.  North America is home to all races on the humanity wheel, each occupying their respective place on the circle of life.