The Only Effective Antidote for Climate Change!  Hemp is truly one of the oldest multifaceted plant in the world. Conventional and organic hemp with its Seed, Stem, and Flowers are the most invaluable resource (gift) for Humanity.

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We are the Only Provider of:                                  The Dynamic Hemp Entrepreneur Gains the:

*Infusionable Leadership

*Infusionable Marketing

*Infusionable Prosperity

*Infusionable Ally

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Dynamic Hemp Entrepreneurs

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Post it, tweet it, share it. The more people you tell, the better for the HEMP economy.
Strategic Vision: By 2027, the growing and infusion of 6.5 million acres of Dynamic Hemp has improved Creator's Earth, the World Economy and Daily Lifestyle guided by the Dynamic Hemp Equation: C + PE^T=D
C=Current, P=Plan, E=Execution, ^=exponents, D=Dream (6.5mm acres)

There was approximately 160,000 acres seeded and harvested in 2017.


The industry is highly regulated by various federal laws and Health Canada administers the licenses for all aspects of the Dynamic HEMP value chain.  Applications are now being accepted by HC.

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Indigenous Hemp, along with CTFO offer the fully stocked CBD STORE. Products you can start using TODAY!.
Social Business is about the prosperity of the TRIBE (many). Everyone involved in the Social Business benefits more than they imagine under this economic system (concept) . The 60/40. The true practice of economic consideration.
The de-conditioning of false beliefs towards hemp (and medical marijuana) begins with you. Your beliefs determine your actions, and your actions manifest results.. Results are feedback from the market. Why would you ignore that?

{Ensuring The Infusion of The King of Seeds}


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