Social Equations

15 - Hour Unsettling Organizations Schedule
Module 1. The Power of You
​Module 2. The Four Equations
​Module 3. The Law of Leaderships
​Module 4. Business Management Equations
Module 5. Installing the NeuroBusiness Amplifiers

Social Business is about the prosperity of the TRIBE (many). Everyone involved in the Social Business benefits more than they imagine under this economic system (concept) . The 60/40. What is The true practice of economic consideration?
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Discussion Paper
The de-conditioning of false beliefs towards hemp (also mmj and rmj) begins with you. Your beliefs determine your actions, and your actions manifest results.. Results are feedback from the market. Why would you ignore that?


Business Management Equations
  1. Honor
  2. Embrace
  3. Merge
  4. Prolong

Honor ----- Embrace ----- Merge ----- Prolong

     15-HR Rapid Learning System To Gain:                                                                                           Dynamic HEMP:


    * Added Contextual Assets (including cash flow)

    * Advanced Leadership and Business Operational Excellence

    * Arrangement of Personal Truths about Cannabis


   Are You Ready to Position Your Organization For the

   Network Intelligence era?  You Have Invested

   enormously on your Cannabis organization.  Why would

   you continue to run an organization designed to divide, control,

   and exploit people?  These outdated concepts will leave your

  organization behind and YOU become another business statistic.

The Only Effective Antidote for Climate Change!  Hemp is truly one of the oldest multifaceted plant in the world. Conventional and organic hemp with its Seed, Stem, and Flowers are the most invaluable resource (gift) to Humanity. Creator's Earth needs this medicine.

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It begins with your offer.  Your offer to the market is the product or service that is positioned for profit, not for profit, or for social business intentions.  The legal identity is important to determine earlier on for a variety of regulatory reasons.


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Are YOU ready to Ensure your Cannabis Business is

Positioned for the Network Intelligence Era?

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Post it, tweet it, share it. The more people you tell, the better for the HEMP economy.



Peers/Systems                                           Offer/Legal

Purpose/Cash Flow 

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